Corporate Information
Committed to Constant Achievement

The Board is responsible for overall strategies and direction of the Group. It provides entrepreneurial leadership, sets strategic aims and ensures that the necessary financial and human resources are efficiently utilized to meet the Company's objectives. It also ensures that the Company's strategies are in the interest of the Company and its shareholders.

Board of Directors
Mr. Cheng Theng Kee
Mr. Cheng Yong Liang
Managing Director
Mr. Chay Yee
Mr. Ong Teong Wan
Dato' Mazlan Bin Dato' Seri Harun
Company Secretaries
Mr. Silvester Bernard Grant
Company Secretary
Ms. Tan Yen Hui
Company Secretary
Key Management
Mr. Cheng Theng How
Director and General Manager, Angkasa Amsteel Group
Datuk Cheng Yoong Choong
Director, Retail & Business Development
Mr. Lee Khian Lai
General Manager, Property Development
Mr. Freddy Mok
Group Accountant
Mr. Jason Foon Lang Yeow
Assistant General Manager, Angkasa Amsteel Group
Mr. Tay Hui Siang
Project Manager, Property Development
Ms. Wong Choy Ling
Manager, Property Management